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In The Thick

Jan 22, 2019

In this special crossover episode with AnthroPod, Julio moderates a conversation with anthropologist Jason De León and Maria about migration, writing, and teaching. 

“(W)Rap on: Immigration” is the second episode of the (W)Rap On series at AnthroPod, which brings anthropologists into conversation with artists, activists, and scholars from other disciplines and perspectives. The series is loosely inspired by James Baldwin and Margaret Mead’s 1970 conversation Rap on Race, and was conceived by Hilary Leathem in collaboration with AnthroPod.

AnthroPod's format attempts to identify and confront some of the problems that Mead and Baldwin’s conversation embodied, such as white fragility, complicity with power structures, and the struggle to create space for different groups to speak openly. You can find the original episode here, and subscribe to AnthroPod wherever you get your podcasts. 
Special thanks to AnthroPod and producer/editor, Arielle Milkman. 
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