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In The Thick

Aug 13, 2019

Maria and Julio are joined by ITT All-Stars, Terrell Jermaine Starr and Jamilah King, to discuss the surge in white supremacist and anti-immigrant violence instilled by the current administration, following the recent shootings in Texas, Ohio and California. They also talk about the latest state-sponsored attacks on the immigrant community: last week's largest single-state immigration raid in US history in Mississippi and USCIS’ announcements on cutting down immigrant benefits from all federal agencies.

ITT Staff Picks:

  • ITT All-Star, Lulu Garcia-Navarro's article on the erasure of Latinos by the media after the El Paso shooting, via the Atlantic
  • Why white supremacist violence is rising today — and how it echoes some of the darkest moments of our past, via Vox
  • Gene Demby's latest for NPR's Code Switch that we mentioned, and an article from The New Republic that discusses the history of immigration in the U.S., including the 1875 Page Act and the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 that Maria discusses